1976年生まれ、兵庫県在住。 13才から独学で油絵を描き始める。  2000年から屋号をEARTH CONTAINER としてコンテナをテーマとした作家活動をはじめる。油彩による平面作品と平行して、実物のコンテナに「コンテナくん」の顔をペインティング。海事を題材としたアートと社会の関わりについての可能性を探っている。
2018年山縣勝見賞 特別賞受賞。



Born in Kyoto in 1976. Began “Mr. Container” works from 2000. Mr. Container is my original character who travels around the world. Depict on canvas and paint on real containers. With Containers, seek possibilities to bring art and society together. Presently reside in Hyogo, Japan.

■Why I love containers so much?

The year 2000 was a watershed year for the relationship between the Osaka Bay area and me. Around the port, numerous containers on the move inevitably caught my eye. I was gradually attracted by the varying colors and functional beauty of the container, as well as the atmosphere of the port. Each container hinted at a different adventure: What as loaded in it? Where was it going? With these thoughts, a white face in the shape of the globe came across my mind. It was the birth of the round-faced Mr. Container.

■What’s Mr. Container?

The nick name of the mobile gallery remodeled from dilapidated containers. Mr. Container was born as a way to bring art to people in the numerous countries that he visits. He also acts as the curator, storing his own lists of works.


Earth Containers is my num de plume when I work with Mr. Conatainer. From my view point, just as the word “Earth” contains the word “art”, containers hold cultural as well as economic value. The Earth Container Project is a long-term project with the ultimate aim of fully personifying Mr. Container as a stage setting.